London Film Festival

Throughout October I’ll be working at the BFI Southbank during the London Film Festival (hold tight for blogposts during the festival) but this post is more of an “I’M EXCITED” than anything else. Let’s be honest, it might also be a tiny bit of a humble brag, but it’s okay because I’ve admitted it.

At any rate. I figured I’d give my picks of some of the cool films that are going to be shown while the festival is on for any interested parties. It’s a great time to visit the BFI, there will be so much going on and it’s open to the public so there’s no excuse not to have a mooch.

Amour dir. Michael Haneke (Trailer)

Movie buffs will already be well aware of this film. It won the Palme d’Or at Cannes this year and follows an ageing French couple whose relationship is tested when the wife suffers a damaging stroke. It doesn’t look like a barrel of laughs, but undoubtedly great cinema.

Blancanieves dir. Pablo Berger (Trailer)

Hot on the heels of The Artist’s success. This silent, black and white, Spanish adaptation of Snow White will surely be popular.  Expect fantastical imagery and a healthy dosage of gothic strangeness.  I’m trying hard not to mention a certain director who notably collaborates with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter. If you like him – go and see this.

Argo dir. Ben Affleck (Trailer)

It’s not all auters and arty shit!! Ben Affleck, always Hollywood’s bridesmaid, never its bride, directs films! Remember The Town?! And you can see this one at the festival! It’s a true story about a CIA mission to get six American hostages out of revolutionary Iran after their embassy is stormed. Ben Affleck grew a beard for it and everything. I’m sure that means he’s serious.


There are a whole host of other great films and events going on other than this teeny little taster. Look at the link at the top of the post and see for yourself! It will be awesome! Go, London! I implore you.


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